Customer relationship management (CRM) software can carry a lot of the workload for business processes, especially the sales process. A CRM solution along with its native integrations into key marketing technologies like marketing automation make for an amazing opportunities for small businesses and large enterprises to thrive.

What are the most common CRM Features / Functionality?

Contact Management: This feature allows you to organize your contacts into groups and into any context that you see fit.
Sales Team and Customer Opportunity Management: Quantifying the opportunities that your sales team has with customers is a relatively new feature that is now available for business. You can now locate the customers that are most likely to convert using this technology.
Lead Management: The technology now allows a business to determine the best customers to follow up with based upon demographic and psychographic factors.

Reports and Dashboards: Users can view statistics in a highly visual, engaging perspective using customized reports and dashboards.

Sales Analytics: Create better sales campaigns in the future by analyzing the hard data of past campaigns.

Sales Force Automation: Your CRM platform has the ability to automate certain aspects of your sales including outgoing calls, follow up campaigns and the organization of data for more effective campaigns.

Sales Forecasting: A large part of customer relationship management is determining a metric for success. Forecasting lets you know a benchmark by which you can determine whether your results are actually on par with your efforts.

 Sales Collaboration: Do business with the best associates through the collaboration features within your management program. You can attract more sales by putting together people who work well together by the numbers.

 Email Client Integration, e.g. Outlook and Gmail

You now gain all of the automation and the organization of a dedicated email client inside of your CRM user interface.

 Sales Data: Your CRM program will organize your sales and customer data into manageable chunks that can be used to inform all of the other data that you need to make decisions. You will be able to.

 Sales Performance Management: With this platform, a manager can easily see what aspects of the sales team are performing well and which need improvement. Data can be organized by salesperson or by other data.

 Partner Management: You can also manage the performance of sales partners from the platform.

Chat integration: You can chat with employees, partners and provide customer support from the UI directly.

 Product Level Quotes: Keep up with quotes for the products that you sell individually.

 Role-based Views: Control what different users see within your CRM.

 Campaign Management: Manage your entire sales campaign from a single UI.

Email marketing integration e.g. MailChimp, Constant Contact

Pull in the full power of your dedicated email marketing platform.